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#3 – Transboundary Crisis & Local Response Issues – Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness

  By Captain Charlie Meinema Tacoma Washington Police Department   Disasters may be local, but few are.  Even local disasters are not local, as Yogi Berra might say.   This is often because criminals, explosions, terrorists and fires fail to respect jurisdictional borders, and / or because the crisis – even if inside one geographical or […]

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Spring Edition 2009 – Announcement

I’m very pleased to announce that Project White Horse 084640 Edition #8 – A Culture of Preparedness and Intersectional Ideas  – is now on line. The last two editions have provided perspective on “resilient communities” and leadership required. In Edition #8 we shift from providing “perspective” to creating actionable understanding and answers. The first part […]

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RC#29 National Security Exercises Need Change; TOPOFF meet TOPGUN – Maybe

New York Times, 16 February, 2009—  The homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, is re-evaluating the largest federal program for testing the country’s ability to respond to terrorist attacks, one of several Bush administration initiatives she has ordered to come under review. PWH Chapter 1 (Part 1 of 2) The Constant Gardner[1].%20PWH_Chapter1(1of2).pdf (From Page 11) … […]

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RC#27 RC – AI (Part 3)

We now move to Discussion Thread 3. >> Intelligence implications for a resilient community response force team in a low probability/high impact  worst case disaster environment:   critical information – what, where and how education aimed at preventing “victimhood” planning on multiple levels being a responder not a victim building leaders AND followers – who, […]

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RC#19 Archive: Leadership, Resilient Communities and the "Teams of Leaders" Concept

As part of the PWH Resilient Community initiative for 2008, the following is a listing of Summer focus posts on leadership elements: RC#11 During a disaster, become part of the solution RC#12 A Lesson Learned: Tyler Suchman’s Emergencity RC#13 (Part 1) To Lead An Introduction to the “Teams of Leaders” (TOL) concept as it relates to […]

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RC#16 Different Context, Different Narrative, Different Imagination – Summer Reading

An intriguing synergy ? A messy, uncertain century emerges despite advances in technology and global economy. The ability to deal with events and survive on our own terms (Boyd) would appear to reflect T.E. Lawrence’s metaphor of needing to learn to “eat soup with a knife.” Accomplishing that task -building learning organizations- and creating resilient […]

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