Feb, 22 2007 – Project White Horse 084640 began as an inquiry into team based time critical decision making in worst cases.  As part of the investigation process, the website was begun with intent to create a forum for exchange of ideas on critical response decision making.  

The desire for the future is to follow the concept presented in The Medici Effect (Johannson, 2004) of providing an intersection of distinctly different fields, disciplines, or cultures to illicit innovative thought on critical decision making for this century.

This section provides readers the opportunity to comment on articles, respond to “discussion topics,” or initiate a discussion – create threads

In the face of terrorism/non-state warfare, radicalism, globalization, implications of possible global warming(or at minimum, recognition of the world wide impact of major disasters), corporate corruption, information age capability (good news, bad news, wrong news, biased news, corrupt news), and an emerging requirement increase for protection of citizens and infrastructure…A forum for exchange of ideas on decision making and leadership in the 21st Century.



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