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EEI#29 "What Kind of war" – Lawyering up – the killing of Hamas' Mahmoud Mabhouh

See Targeted for death -  the killing of Hamas’ Mahmoud Mabhouh.  (See  background report on the operation itself) Los Angeles Times’ Marjorie Miller sought the views of an array of military and human rights lawyers on the legality and legitimacy of targeted killings. So what kind of war or warfare or confrontation or conflict against non-state […]

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EEI#28 What kind of war WAS it? – Rows upon rows of White Crosses

On the morning of Feb. 19, 1945, an armada of 880 ships with more than 100,000 Marines, Coast Guard units and Navy support personnel sat offshore. More Marines were sent to Iwo Jima than any other battle. Of the 84 Medals of Honor awarded to Marines in World War II, 27 were earned on 36 […]

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"On a White Horse" – Charlie Wilson 1933-2010

Someone who changed history….

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