II. [Part 3] Methodology – To the 'Ace' Level

In Work (Last update 19 March, 2010)


  1. Can the “train to the ace level” concept behind Top Gun, Red Flag, National Training Center at Ft Irwin, i.e. the combat training center or “CTC” concept be applied to hyper complex crisis, worst case  disaster command control learning?
  2. Would “first mission” exposure for operational level decision makers provide value added? (consideration that  given funding constraints, daily normal real world law enforcement, fire response, emergency management, and job rotation, there may be only one opportunity in a three year cycle to expose the candidates. Can one exposure make a difference?  What would be the impact of dynamic simulation interjected into the classroom?
  3. What needs to be included in pre-exercise classroom and simulated command problems to make the learning and training effective? In particular, by who and how are cognitive elements and related decision making in crisis taught?
  4. What kind of research needs to be done in this area?
  5. Can we create what this picture implies for decision makers?



Prevous Parts to “Train to the Ace Level” -

II. Training Decision Makers to the ‘Ace’ Level [Part 1]

II. [Part 2] Scenarios – To the ‘Ace’ Level

“Methodology” is in work, but three examples of “working” the problem are offered:

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