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EEI#32 "What kind of a war…?" – The Scent of Weakness

There was a time when Americans seemed to view suicide attacks as a sign of the complete conviction of the enemy, an immutable dedication to their cause that many people found terrifying and cause for soul-searching.  “What could we have done to provoke such anger?” Yet with time, American views of suicide attacks have matured […]

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EEI# 31 What kind of organizations…? Those that incorporate and ingrain Red Team culture

Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness Alternative analysis is the super-class of techniques of which red teaming may be considered a member… these techniques are designed to help debias thinking, enhance decision making, and avoid surprise. (From Red Team Journal) As noted in The 2010 Announcement post, Project White Horse focus […]

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EEI#30 Leadership – First follower

Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness We continue to discuss the idea of “team of leaders.”  This video well worth your time. Thanks to John Robb at Global Guerrilllas.  See his site for comments. But let’s take this one step further into the context of  “What kind of war”  determination as impacting […]

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