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Memorial Day 2012: Remembering Smokey – For love of the game

With Max Carey Please note that I have opened a second website for aviation stories. I hope you will visit The link is to Remembered Sky’s opening post. The best definition I have ever heard of a vocation is that it’s the place where your great joy meets the world’s great need. For you […]

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POW bracelets and flying up North from USS Midway – War and Remembrance

Veterans Day 2010 In high school, Joleta McNelis was never far away from a man she had never met. She carried Lt. John “Jack” Ensch in her heart — and on her wrist.  Aside from his name, the only thing McNelis knew about Ensch was the date his fighter jet was shot down over North Vietnam: […]

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EEI #7 – An Essay: "Non-state Actors, Terrorism & Terrorists, War Amongst the People – Still"

Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness During the 1970s the iconic terrorist target became the international airliner. But as airline security increased in response to terrorist incidents, it became more difficult to hijack or bomb aircraft, and this difficulty resulted in a shift in targeting. By the mid-1980s, while there were still […]

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New Year, New Administration: Ready or Not?

Original Post: 22 Feb, 2007, Updated 11 Jan, 2009 After introducing Project White Horse 084640 in October 2006 as an electronic magazine focused on decision making in unconventional-hyper complex-worst case disasters, the next step for this website was the opening of a forum for exchange of ideas. Not intended as a day-day blog, the idea […]

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RC#20 To Lead (Part 3)

By Dag von Lubitz and Ed Beakley RC#13 (Part 1) To Lead  introduced the discussion of leadership in the context of understanding the needs of a resilient community.  Part 2 -as a book review of America’s Army; A Model for Interagency Effectiveness by Generals Zeb Bradford and Frederic Brown – provided an introduction to the […]

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