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RC#11 During a disaster, become part of the solution

By Dr. Terry Paulson Reprint of 7 January 2008 OPED in the Ventura County Star Note: Dr. Paulson is a noted author and speaker.  His latest book is Leadership Truths: One Story at a Time.  He is a frequent collaborator on PWH issues and wrote this article while the RC Edition was under development. ( […]

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RC#10 Houston, we’ve had a problem

10:08 PM EST, April 13, 1970 – With those words Jim Lovell initiated what may be as perfect a poster child for crisis response as can be found.  As the Apollo 13 spacecraft was on its way to the Moon, at a distance of 321,860 kilometers (199,990 mi) from Earth, the number two oxygen tank, […]

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RC#9 Adaptive Leadership – Symposium Update

Given the uncertainty, potential chaotic situations,  and severity of perceived threats and catastrophes possible in this century, the key skill (identified by multiple writers) that individuals, units and teams of commanders/decision makers (and indeed citizens) need to learn for perseverance in this new century is ADAPTABILITY.  I submit that acquiring and using that skill in […]

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RC#8 Transition Towns

“How do we enjoy the benefits of globalization without being vulnerable to its excesses?” The key to our collective future success (from maximal wealth creation to basic survival), will be in how we mitigate the impact of black swans generated by global instability. One of the best approaches I’ve encountered is to add resilience to […]

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