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Scream of Eagles – Happy Birthday TOPGUN

Forty years ago, 3 March 1969, the first TOPGUN class  began “graduate level” fighter pilot education and training at Naval Air Station Miramar at the Fighter Weapons School. They were there because eagles screamed. They were there because fighter pilots will not accept failure. In 1966 North Vietnamese fighter pilots (flying MiG 17 Frescos and MiG […]

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RC#10 Houston, we’ve had a problem

10:08 PM EST, April 13, 1970 – With those words Jim Lovell initiated what may be as perfect a poster child for crisis response as can be found.  As the Apollo 13 spacecraft was on its way to the Moon, at a distance of 321,860 kilometers (199,990 mi) from Earth, the number two oxygen tank, […]

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