RC#9 Adaptive Leadership – Symposium Update

Given the uncertainty, potential chaotic situations,  and severity of perceived threats and catastrophes possible in this century, the key skill (identified by multiple writers) that individuals, units and teams of commanders/decision makers (and indeed citizens) need to learn for perseverance in this new century is ADAPTABILITY.  I submit that acquiring and using that skill in creation of a resilient community is first dependent upon attitude- in this case incorporating the will to prepare- and second, equally important, the quest for knowledge in areas not common or necessary in the previous century.

While all leadership to be worthy of the name should be “adaptive,” what exists in many cases, particularly at higher levels in organizations of all types, is rather uninspired, cookbook driven, petrified of failure, mired in negative phase OODA Loops, and across the board, severly deficient in “snowmobile” builders.

RC#6 was an announcement for the first Adaptive Leadership Symposium put on with direction in part by Dr. Chet Richards and Don Vandergriff – both contributing writers on this site. With intent to help in the education process, the following two links are provided offering feedback and detail on the conference/symposium including a significant brief on adaptability, leadership and John Boyd’s OODA Loop by Dr. Richards.  Particulary note the last few slides beginning with “what type of organizations operate at rapid OODA tempos?” and following emphasis on “common outlook.

(Note: The second PWH edition in 2008 – Summer – will focus on the role of leadership in creating and sustaining resilient communities.)



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