RC#7 Stop Teaching Kids to Kill…

March 20, 2008, Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo
Ventura County California law enforcement and education officials said Thursday they will work more closely to implement new, practical strategies to prevent student violence.
Sheriff Bob Brooks (also PWH advisor), county Superintendent of Schools Charles Weis and other officials made the comments after attending a presentation in Camarillo…
Lt. Col (USA, Ret) Dave Grossman (http://killology.com/bio.htm) co-author of Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence, outlined crime statistics, medical research data and other evidence to support his theory that by turning off the TV and limiting access to video games, parents and educators can make a real difference in the emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of children and as a result, reduce violent and aggressive behavior.
It was emotional for a lot of people in the audience, particularly the officers,” said Oxnard Assistant Police Chief Scott Whitney. “We know that this is a problem, our kids playing violent video games, being exposed to violence in movies and music. It’s just, what are we doing about it?    I think everybody thinks the problem is so big and their role in it may be so small that it’s easy to pass it off on to someone else, and what I got out of this is that somebody needs to step up.” ( emphasis added)
Problem:  The cavalry was there and listening…BUT the Sheriff can’t police your TV or your computer.
A resilient community has to be by definition THE community. You owe it to yourself, your kids, your schools, your community to follow the links posted here.

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