Multiple Terrorist Doctrine

 By Frank Borelli

Not long ago I read through the book, “Terror At Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America’s Schools” by John Giduck  The book so convinced me that we in law enforcement are training for the wrong threat (Active Shooter) that I doubted my own thought process. So, to double check my understanding, this past week I attended a presentation by John Giduck given at a conference in Washington, DC. What I found was that not only did I understand the book correctly, but the situation is worse than I actually perceived it. 

Through his presentation, Mr. Giduck explains the terrorist thought process and how the attacks / sieges they’ve committed have been motivated, planned and performed. Yes, I said “sieges”. As Mr. Giduck explained:

There are two types of prevalent terrorist attacks -
The Decimation Assault – such as suicide bombings, drive by shootings, etc.
The Siege – otherwise known as a Mass Hostage Siege.

Recent history shows us two that were reported in the popular media: The taking of over 800 hostages at the NordOst Theater in Moscow, and the taking of over 1,200 students, teachers and parents at the school in Beslan.

As Mr. Giduck pointed out: the Beslan siege had a larger number of hostages than that of the NordOst theater. Every time the terrorists attack they have to do something bigger and better. Follow that to the logical conclusion and that means that IF or WHEN they take over a target in America, the number of hostages will HAVE to be in excess of 1,200. 

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