Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment

 From Ed Beakley, Project White Horse 084640 Director and Editor

Research and writing for both the website and in-work book are based upon the premise that the effects of 1) information technology, 2) the flattening of the world through globalization, 3) Mother Nature, and 4) the emerging and steady state non-state nature of warfare, combine to create a unique and extremely troublesome problem set for decision makers at all levels in the 21st Century. Much has been written, websites and organizations abound on each of these subjects individually, indeed to the point of information overload. In that light,Project White Horse 084640 focuses on providing some perspective and articles focused on increasing learning related to building resiliency for citizens and First Responders.

I submit to you that the education and experience that our fathers and grandfathers needed to understand their world in the face of Germany and Japan in World War II and then the USSR in the Cold War was sufficient for debate and action, and indeed survival. I firmly believe that our experience base, educational background, and gained knowledge from the computer age is necessary but insufficient for a different kind of “four horsemen” in this new century. An active learning, unlearning, relearning process is required.  


Given the quarterly nature of the website additions, I have determined to provide on occasion links to articles I find of particular interest in the research and consider as relevant to developing resiliency in the face of the frontier at our doorstep.  As always your thoughts are most desired.

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