RC#4 – John Robb, Global Guerrillas, and Resilient Communities

The Resilient Community Initiative is being addressed initially as it relates to decision making in crisis.  As noted in the previous post link, process approach to crisis analysis can reveal weaknesses that lead to crisis-fostering environments.  Those weaknesses could be in any aspect of a community.

In his Blog Global Guerrillas, current PWH featured author, John Robb (http://www.projectwhitehorse.com/pdfs/3a.%20The%20Coming%20Urban%20Terror.pdf) notes: It should be clear, as we watch the gyrations and excesses of global markets, that no organization/state/group has any meaningful control over its direction. The same is true for almost every other aspect of globalization, from the environment to transnational crime to energy flows. In short, we’ve lost control and our collective future is in the hands of a morally neutral system that is operating in ways that we don’t fully understand (nor will we).Robb intends to research and write on the RC idea throughout the year.  PWH will provide links as his articles appear. In addition, his perspective on “open source warfare” provides critical background on the world environment in which the RC must thrive.

Resilient Community, Jan 30, 2008 


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