RC#3 Perspective on School Attacks

On War #251: War or Not War, by Bill Lind, Feb 19,2008

Between February 8 and February 14, four American schools suffered attacks by lone gunmen. The most recent, at Northern Illinois University on February 14, saw five killed (plus the gunman) and 16 wounded. Similar attacks have occurred elsewhere, including shopping malls.
Is this war? I don’t think so. Some proponents of “Fifth Generation war,” which they define as actions by “superempowered individuals,” may disagree.

While none of the acts of school violence in the U.S. have been terrorism, or war by any characterization, schools have been targets in the Middle East and Chechnya. Schools and university settings remain “soft targets” with high impact significance on citizens and government alike.  A nation that cannot protect its future is in serious trouble.

School security will be an element of discussion throughout the PWH 2008 focus on resilient communities.  Articles about Beslan and Virginia Tech have been presented in earlier additions.  Part 3 of DaVinci’s Horse was directed at  various aspects of analysis (http://www.projectwhitehorse.com/pdfs/0%20.Director’s%20Comments.pdf).  For further background, and variety of opinion, links to Lind’s article, and two follow up articles (with comments) are offered.:
On War #251: War or Not War, by Bill Lind, Feb 19,2008


Mass Murder, Men, and the Decline of the State, byDr. Vomact, Feb 21, 2008


Crises and the Decline of the State, by Ed Beakley (PWH), Feb22, 2008



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