RC #6 – Adaptive Leadership Symposium- Next Week

Note from PWH Advisor, Dr. Chet Richards, author of the current Director’s Article on 4GW and of several books featured on PWH, including the recently published If We Can Keep It:

The ability to be an effective leader under stress is a valuable, crucial and indispensable skill for those in a position of command. Although most leaders can adjust immediately to situations that are predictable and stable, very few can adapt to unanticipated, rapidly changing, or chaotic high-stress conditions, without some degradation in their performance.
From natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires to man-made events such as the tragedies at Virginia Tech or 911, the key to success in times of crisis is Adaptive Leadership – the ability to deal rapidly with situations that are far outside your normal day-to-day experience.

Openings are still available for the inaugural Adaptive Leadership Symposium at the Greenville Technical College’s Critical Incident Management Institute.  This is the first seminar of its kind to be offered to the general public. March 19, 2008 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  Speakers will include Dr. Richards, Col Mike Wyly (USMC, Ret) who co-authored the Maneuver Warfare Handbook for the USMC, Maj Don Vandergriff, (USA, Ret) also a featured PWH author and author of  Raising the Bar: Creating and Nurturing Adaptive Leaders to Deal with the Changing Face of War, and Dale Stewart, noted security expert and author of On Your Own – A Family’s Guide toDisaster Preparedness.




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