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22 Feb, 2007

The next step for this website will be to establish a forum for exchange of ideas. This will require development of “operational threads” for future editions.  The thrust is not the day-day of terrorism or HLS but rather questions regarding the long term implications to leaders and decision makers in light of a combined result dynamic possibly un-faced by civilization to date…
Question being: What if nothing leaders have ever been taught or experienced is sufficient to the problem? …
It would appear to me that education for wearing a uniform in Detroit … or in Baghdad requires a global focus as well as local. Lessons in one are needed in the other.
Here are some issues under consideration:

  1. Civil-military joint response and military integration with National Incident Command System mandate
  2. How  Organizations respond
  3. Commander Leader Teams (CLT concept from Gen Frederic Brown has interesting implications/carry over for civilian Incident Command/NIMS)
  4. “Separated but Unified” – LL from decision making in the crucible of the Hanoi Hilton
  5. Network Enabled Operations and use of Knowledge management concepts in crisis preplanning and operations
  6. Col John Boyd’s OODA Loop and “Destruction – Creation” in the 21st Century
  7. Overcoming a negative start OODA Loop
  8. Regaining Relative Superiority (from SPEC Ops by Admiral William McRaven)
  9. Defining the “The Enlightened Soldier” in the 21st Century

Discussion of these threads and others will be periodically posted. What are your thoughts? Sugestions? New Threads?














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