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Christmas 1776: The Crossing

Boundary Condition #3 (1) Christmas night 1776: As General Washington kneels to pray, the candle of life for an emerging ideal flickers, a river, a bitter cold march, a battle and the fate of a nation await.  Even in victory, much defeat is still to  come with yet another horrible winter at Valley Forge to […]

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EEI#32 "What kind of a war…?" – The Scent of Weakness

There was a time when Americans seemed to view suicide attacks as a sign of the complete conviction of the enemy, an immutable dedication to their cause that many people found terrifying and cause for soul-searching.  “What could we have done to provoke such anger?” Yet with time, American views of suicide attacks have matured […]

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"On a White Horse" – Charlie Wilson 1933-2010

Someone who changed history….

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EEI#24 “What kind of war” – continued (10 of ?) – Definitions or Targets

 Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness   ( From The Counter Terrorism Puzzle; A Guide for Decision Makers, used with permission of the author, Dr. Boaz Ganor, the Associate Dean of the Lauder School of Government, at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel, and the founder and Executive Director of the International Institute […]

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