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Memorial Day 2012: Remembering Smokey – For love of the game

With Max Carey Please note that I have opened a second website for aviation stories. I hope you will visit RememberedSky.com. The link is to Remembered Sky’s opening post. The best definition I have ever heard of a vocation is that it’s the place where your great joy meets the world’s great need. For you […]

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Air War Vietnam: Remembrance at 40 Years – All Days Come From One Day

An “in-work” story Please note that I have started a new website focused on aviation.  This story and others are now on line at Remembered Sky. Given that this site is a continuing story, the link takes you to the very first post in September 2012. On April 10, 1972, Midway steamed under the Golden […]

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Part 2 of Schoolboy’s Bad Night: Continuation of the Self-Designing High Reliability Organization Discussion

Boundary Condition #2 (3) A work in progress: With this post we conclude the second round of discussion on our 2011 boundary conditions.  Before reading Part 2, a few thoughts: Of no surprise should be the issue of training as a key to operating successfully in unstable or high stress, high impact situations.  But what […]

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Naval Aviation 100 Years – Part 1: A Bad Night for Schoolboy – A Self-designing, High Reliability Organization

Boundary Condition #2 (2) Of all activities studied by our research group, flight operations at sea is the closest to the “edge of the envelope”–operating under the most extreme conditions in the least stable environment, and with the greatest tension between preserving safety and reliability and attaining maximum operational efficiency. Rochlin, Laporte, Roberts           […]

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Stall, Spin, Crash, Burn and Die

Boundary Conditions for 2011 Ventura County Fire Department, Battalion Chief Ranger Dorn commenting on Deepwater Horizon  As a result of working around emergency plans and training on Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments around the country and having responded to many significant events, I believe most plans for handling emergencies are based on assumptions and guesses […]

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Ghosts of Christmas Past: Fly Navy 100 Years

Boundary Condition #2 (1) November 14, 1910, Eugene Ely makes the first take off from a ship from a wooden platform on the bow of the USS Birmingham; December 23, 1910 LT. T.G. Ellyson reports to the Glenn Curtis Aviation Camp at North Island, as the first naval officer to undergo flight training; 18 January […]

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POW bracelets and flying up North from USS Midway – War and Remembrance

Veterans Day 2010 In high school, Joleta McNelis was never far away from a man she had never met. She carried Lt. John “Jack” Ensch in her heart — and on her wrist.  Aside from his name, the only thing McNelis knew about Ensch was the date his fighter jet was shot down over North Vietnam: […]

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What kind of war was it? June 4-7, 1942 Midway- “How do I know, I saw the whole thing backwards!”

Battle of Midway, Commanding Officer, USS Enterprise, Serial 0133 of 8 June 1942 At Sea June 8, 1942 From: The Commanding Officer. To: The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet Via: Commander Task Force Sixteen. (Rear Admiral R.A. Spruance, U.S. Navy). Subject: Battle of Midway Island, June 4 – 6, 1942 — Report of. 1.) The attack […]

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What kind of war…? For Naval Aviators, their war always includes this

Naval Aviation = Night in the barrel (no exceptions)

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