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Part 2 of Schoolboy’s Bad Night: Continuation of the Self-Designing High Reliability Organization Discussion

Boundary Condition #2 (3) A work in progress: With this post we conclude the second round of discussion on our 2011 boundary conditions.  Before reading Part 2, a few thoughts: Of no surprise should be the issue of training as a key to operating successfully in unstable or high stress, high impact situations.  But what […]

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EEI #6 "A Discontinued F-22?"

   Essential Elements of Information for a Culture of Preparedness  This is the first in several planned posts under EEI on the impact on  how we fight in future conflict of decisions related to mission definition, policy, and force structure . From  Stratfor (re-published with permission) Summary – U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ attempt to halt […]

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